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Art & Amber Castillo

Meet Your Hosts

We're Art & Amber Castillo. Married-Parents-Fitness Trainers & Podcasters. Walking on eggshells, sugar coating, and beating around the bush is not our style. We push the envelope, challenge beliefs, and shift perceptions, ALL while making you laugh so hard you’ll forget about your shitty day. Giving you our opinions and personal experiences on Relatable & Debatable topics where you can count on being motivated, educated , insulted, and thankful that you spent at least an hour of your day wisely. You’re welcome.


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First thing is first, n***a you’re funny as f**k😂😂😂😂 So this was pretty educational with music and how it affects the brain. That was cool as f**k, I knew music was impactful, but it really opened my eyes to how impactful it truly is. As much as I love my gangsta rap. I love jazz especially string instruments and piano. I used to play the cello, and piano, and I love the sound of it all. Different music and lyrics provoke different thoughts and energies.  It’s funny too because usually people of color are assumed to listen to the hardest most ghetto shit and that’s not always the case. Also, I used to work with kids and I don’t think the music really has too much of an impact on behavior, they are still bad sometimes 😂😂.  I loved the layout of the podcast, it was inviting and then transitioned a couple times. But it’s overall attention grabbing, comical, and educational. Also the poop shit was funny as f**k 😂

Blake Martin
Black Dude

This is not your ordinary podcast, there is no one who can replicate Art and there is no one with the heart and spirit of Amber. They seem pretty opposite which makes the show so exciting, opposites attract right? The comedic atmosphere and original content they spread out to the world is something I've never heard before. I have listened to every single episode and you know what? You should too. Definitely give this podcast 5 stars and I'm not one to listen to podcasts on the regular. Their content is very entertaining and keeps me wanting to hear more about their exciting life South of the border. We all love to laugh and on the flip-side hear about some serious topics. This is exactly what they bring to the table.

C. Brodsky
Craig Brodsky
VIP Traders Inc.

The CastAscendancy podcast is literally the best podcast I've ever listened to and is now the only pod I listen to religiously. I haven't missed an episode yet and don't plan on it, I love that they cover anything and everything and don't care to voice their opinions about any issue or subject, 5 out of 5 I definitely recommend their pod to all my friends and family!

Jon Lewis
White Guy

Love the podcast, love the fitness! My experience with CastAscendancy has been nothing short of excellent. From day one, they've been a driving force, pushing me to achieve the fitness goals we've set. The changes I've made go much deeper than just physical and I couldn't have done it without Art & Amber. 

Marcus Hankins
Metal Black Dude

I’m not a podcast guy but I listen to castascendancy religiously. It’s not only informative but it’s also entertaining and Art and Amber keep you focused. Whether it’s fitness or current events, it’s one of the first things I’ll turn on at work or at home. Not bad for that grueling 30 min on the step mill either. 10/10 would definitely recommend to friends

Neil Potter
Buff White Guy
Podchaser - The CastAscendancy Podcast

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