This Is What We Are About. 

Art & Amber Castillo

At CastAscendancy, it is our passion to enhance your life by directing your steps and supplying the necessary tools to increase your health, confidence, knowledge and income. Our mission is to see you transcend into your new life full of energy, joy and success while enjoying the journey and realizing your worth. Pure honesty and results! 


Who We Are.

We are Amber and Art Castillo. We are married, parents, workout partners, business partners, and we have interesting and diverse backgrounds with upbringings consisting of a vast amount of experiences, trials and errors, hardships, breakthroughs, all important in our journey, that led us to where we are now. Winning. Together, we have lived in five different countries, 10 different states in the US, on both ends of the spectrum. Before we met, we were successful individuals, but together, we are unbeatable. We have years of experience in both the fitness and business industries with extensive knowledge that will help you make your goals and dreams a reality!



  • Both Received Full Ride Athletic College Scholarships.
  • • 15 Years Experience in The Fitness and Personal Training Industries.
  • • 15 Years Experience in Sales and Service Industry.
  • • 5 Years Experience in Sales Training Management
  • • 5 Figure a Month Successful Multilevel-Marketing Business Owners.
  • • Amber has competed in 5 NPC Competitions with 2 wins & a 3rd Place.
  • • Successfully completed several sales and personal development courses by reputable entrepreneur companies.
  • • 3 years experience account management for the largest MVNO in the US.
  • • Amber was on the television series American Ninja Warrior.
  • • We have Extensive Nutritional knowledge, to include caloric manipulation and nutrient timing.
  • • Creators of highly successful and recommended workout programs.

We are certified professionals and are readily available to get you to your fitness goals. Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we can help you customize your dietary habits and lifestyle activities with eating patterns and exercises that can keep up with your new fitness goals. New to fitness training? NO PROBLEM – we are used to working with all skill levels, so you have nothing to worry about, and that’s before we even mention the wide range of workout programs you can fit right into your schedule. We even include "No Gym Necessary" programs you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home!


Fitness Coaching

Life Coaching 


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